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Some updates from Melonsquad 🍻

From the country of the rising ☀️

After a busy time with unfinished projects, Melonkeys would like to apologize to you after the unexpected incidents in the past time.

We would like to announce a few main news:

- Goods sent to the US have arrived at our proxy, we are currently processing to forward inventory orders from March to now. - will be in your hands soon.

We've split the package into two, where one package will go to the following proxy - Here is the track code access link of remain package:

-Currently Melon team is working on location of business, we have to delay ship Kat Hyperfuse / Odin keycap time back about a week - due to busy moving furniture to another address. We extremely sorry for this inconvenience.

-We will be back with more exciting launches soon, first of all the Hogwarts Assemble collection will be released next week, I hope you guys will enjoy it with all your heart.

Once again, Team Melonkeys would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support and encouragement over the past time, and please put faith on Melonkeys in the coming time - we will definitely make you satisfied. Love ya all!



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