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Meet the Tamago - our new member

It's been a while since you've seen the naked look of **Tamago**, to follow up and prepare you guys for the upcoming debut of the playful cat this week, **OG Tamago** has invited 2 of their friends for the show which are **Boney Tamago** and **Stellar Tamago** whose flats right next to **OG**'s for years.

**Boney** loves halloween so much ever since the first party that he joined a couple of years back that he pretty much disguises himself in a cover of a lab skeleton all day long. His wardrope is full of skeleton outfits that he've purchased online through out the years. The only different between the outfits is the shade of black and white because according to the philosophy that he's been living accordingly to

" *Life is full of black and white, and grey, and other colorful stuff that I don't five a fish about, why don't we just stay black and white, yes anh no, simplicity is at its finest instead of fooling around tiredly?* "

**Stellar** is currently still in make up section, but I managed to snag a quick picute of her before she decided that the look was too much gorgeous for these types of revealing events. I absolute had no idea what she was talking about because Hayabusamen she's hautingly beautiful and on point!!


Made me wonder why **OG** wants to introduce these 2 together because they share absolute nothing in common.

Hang on, these 2 aren't the only good news that you will hear before the debut, MK has implemented some improvements on the accessories as well, more information will follow after I've had a personal interview with **Stellar**

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