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From passion to hardworking.

Talk about passion.

Before coming to artisan keycap, I had a freelance job with drawing. Born and raised with an undying passion for painting, I once dreamed of becoming an artist - not famous - drawn no matter what day or night. Fate was cleverly organized (or accidentally?) that I had an affinity for this plastic drug discipline. A little share with you, our team Melonkeys not only focus on producing plastic buttons, besides, when owning products from us, you will own the relentless creative artistic values - simply the accompanying artworks. It is really happy to see our “mental children” traveling around the world and reaching your hands - the precious and valuable supporters of the Melonkeys team.

We sincerely thank you and will do our best to not disappoint your expectations.


Melon.Wasabi 🙇🏻

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