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Tan Binh District,

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel. +84 962171705


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  • How our keycaps are made?
    -Hand-sculpted with oven baked/oil based clays. -Molded with silicon. -Casting with resin. All done!
  • How long that we usually need to finish a keycap?
    Normally around 72 hours to finish sculpting. 120+ hours to a final keycap.
  • How do our shipping system works?
  • How do I get updates upcoming events from Melonkeys?
    Simple. Just subcribe us by go through pages, on footer where you can fill your email addresses. We will send the emails to inform you whether our events are coming soon or happens. Or follow us on social media such as Instagram. Cheers! --- Our Discord is more fun too:
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